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We operate in a culture that prioritizes
excellence in our service, teamwork and the professional
development of our members

  • Knowledge, training and results

    We strive to understand each of our clients’ industry, activities and business model in order to provide tailored legal advice that addresses each legal matter from our client’s point of view and perspective, so to adapt to their particular needs and align our goals to the expectations of our clients.

    We are aware of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the economy and the markets, and therefore constantly update and train the members of our team, as well as review and devise creative and innovative solutions in our practice areas.

  • Expertise and specialty

    The cornerstone of our professional practice is Corporate Law, having as its central axis the business organization and towards it we focus all our specialized areas of practice: Commercial, Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance, Capital Markets, Tax, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Antitrust and Competition, Mining, and Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

    Our legal services are based in our experience and specialized knowledge in the practice areas we cover, which allow us to provide our domestic and foreign clients with tailored legal advice and decisive results.

  • Network

    Through the combination of our expertise and specializations, complemented with our network of relationships with other national and international leading law firms, we are able to provide the integral legal services required by our clients for the development of their businesses in Mexico and abroad.

    Our network is further enhanced with a group of independent advisors that cover a wide range of specialties, including Economy, Politics and Finance, as well as with multiple industrial sectors, including real estate, construction, pharmaceutical, aeronautic, sports, entertainment, technology and media, among others.

  • Teamwork

    We have a team of talented associates that graduated from the best universities in Mexico. Our senior associates and partners have earned master’s degrees from prestigious universities in Mexico, the United States and Europe, and have worked in leading law firms abroad. All the members of our team receive continuing legal education thereby remaining current and enhancing their skills in their relevant practice areas.

    By assembling working teams of highly capable attorneys, we are able to provide our clients the specialized attention required for every matter or transaction entrusted to us. Each working team is led by a partner that acts as the principal contact with our client, coordinates and supervises the team, and is responsible for achieving the goals of the relevant project.

  • Professional development

    We recognize that institutions transcend the individuals that form them and are convinced that the professional development of our associates is critical to the quality of the services we provide, as well as to reinforce the continuity and projection of our Firm.

    Our commitment to our Firm’s members is based on our conviction that we are responsible for their constant and sustained development. We promote an environment that fosters our culture and work spirit, and that allows the members of our team to become more actively involved in increasingly demanding projects with the diligent supervision of our partners.

    In the motivation and training of our team resides the soundness of its professional growth and likewise, the thrust in the orderly evolution of our Firm.